Makline Services in Knoxville

Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery, express shipping, emergency service and delivery, expedited , same day parcel

Makline is the fastest most reliable source for your supply needs.  You get the products you need in the right unit-of-measure at the right time.
7 days a week. Services in Knoxville, Restaurant management

Professional Services

Equipment installation, dispenser install, equipment repair, repair & service,

Installation & Repair





Warewashing, dish machine, dishmachine lease, dishmachine service, rental, dish machine repair

We have you covered when it comes to one of the most important areas in foodservice.  Our program is designed to save the budget and give you peace of mind 24/7 service (even if you own the machine).  We rent, lease and sell all types of dish machines.

Supply Stock Ready

supply stock organization, stock label and identification, supplies stocking & organizing

It can be difficult to maintain the right products in the right place.  Makline SSR provides product organization and location identification. Each order is delivered, unboxed and shelved for ready use.
Get more done, more efficiently.  

Inventory Manager

Inventory manager, supply ordering, item ordering, inventory control, inventory counting purchasing

Makline Inventory Manager helps improve perpetual inventory management and control.  Some benefits include identifying theft, reduced inventory, labor, space and waste which leads to higher profits.  Spend more time running your business and less time managing supplies.

Financing Flexibility

Makline equipment leasing options, equipment financing, short and long term equipment financing

Makline is focused on providing companies leasing tools as a finance option for capital expenditures.  Makline has short and long term equipment financing options available.  Now is the perfect time to trade up to new equipment or acquire new machines for your startup!

Benefits of financing:

  • Conserve working capital
  • Simple application process
  • Personal tax savings under IRS section 179
  • Quick turnaround time on approval process
  • Fixed weekly or monthly payments
  • Competitive rates
  • Provides you the equipment needed for your success

BUDGET Manager

Manage supply spending, Supply Budget Manager, Approve spending  limits, Control supply cost

 BUDGET Manager allows you to manage spending within online ordering system.   Now it's easier than ever to avoid overspending with notification alerts prior to reaching your limits.  You can set a weekly, monthly or yearly budget with either flexible or controlled limits. Budgets are set using your product categories and/or order amount. There is an approval process built in. If you have multiple locations, you can limit the spending of one, some or all of them simply by creating a Master account, then assigning some or all of your locations a Sub Account to that Master account, allowing you to manage both local and remote location expenses.