Oil Quality

Cleaner fry oil, frying oil, cooking oil

Our program is designed to remove contaminants resulting in cleaner oil and maximum frying life. 

  • Fewer change-outs (double oil life)
  • Reduce top off by up to 10%
  • Improves food quality

Food Quality

Improved food quality for fried foods

Makline is helping food service operators serve healthier, better tasting fried foods.

  • Improved taste
  • Crispy texture
  • Golden brown color  

Consistent Results

Fry oil program providing for consistent results

Consistent results is key to long term success.  Makline helps organizations create and manage an effective fry oil program.

  • Schedule fresh fryer oil
  • Regular filtration
  • Fry oil quality testing

Happy Customers

Properly managed cooking oil program leads to happy customers

Change how you manage your cooking oil and raise your fried foods to the next level.

  • More satisfied customers
  • Repeat sales
  • Increased income 

Reduced Cost, Eco-Friendly

Properly manged fry oil, cooking oil, reduces cost and landfill waste, eco-friendly

Properly managed oil can have a positive impact on your organization and the environment. 

  • Reduced labor costs from efficiency 
  • Reduction in new oil consumption
  • Elimination of residual oil loss
  • Reductions of landfill waste 

Fried food testing criteria for consistent results.  taste, texture, appearance and durability

Fryer Oil Filtration | Cooking Oil Testing & Management

How does your cooking oil rate?

Maximize your efforts by choosing the correct oil.  To determine if your oil is performing at optimum levels, regular testing should be conducted.   Makline can provide a comprehensive guide to follow when testing cooking oils.

Fried food is typically evaluated on the following four criteria:

TASTE – The oil should have a light intensity and pleasant aroma that doesn't mask the food's flavor.

TEXTURE – The food should not be too limp or too crunchy.  It should have a crisp, tender bite.

APPEARANCE – Food should not appear too light or too dark, but have a golden color.

DURABILITY – The final product should not crumble or fall apart after being fried.

Is your current program in need of an upgrade?  Don't worry we can help! 

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Set up a 15 minute on-site, zero obligation, personalized survey.  A professional oil management representative will schedule a time to come to your location, survey the property and give you a free assessment of your frying program and opportunities for improvement.