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Tabletop & Accessories

tabletop Acessories squeeze bottle, sugar holder, salt & pepper shaker, napkin dispenser

Mastering the art of tabletop design can help you transform your table into a masterpiece of style and function. From table lighting and linens to dinnerware and glassware, each element should support the overall theme of your restaurant and echo the message you wish to convey to your patrons. Because the first impression is a lasting one, we want your tabletop to impress your guests and set the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Buffet Solutions

Buffet tongs, bar, cold pan, hot pan,

Your buffet of choice can be elegantly sophisticated or comfortably efficient. Buffets draw in the crowds and offer a variety of flavorful foods to please just about everyone. From show-stopping chafers to innovative induction cookers, keeping buffet food hot and appetizing has never been easier or more attractive. Extend the hospitality by capping off an unforgettable evening with a cup of hot coffee and a serving of your signature dessert. Stylish coffeemakers complete the chafer line-up and make an impressive addition to your buffet table.  


Dining chair, table, booth

Make your dining area inviting with an attractive design theme and comfortable furnishings. Be sure to allow ample space between tables and chairs for a more relaxing dining experience. Cleanliness is key when you want to make a good impression; an ample amount of carts and bus boxes keep the dining room tidy and make it easier to bus tables quickly to accommodate waiting guests.  

Bar Products

Bar Products

From the time your guests walk through the door it's all about the atmosphere you provide. Premium liquor, cold beer and a selective wine list are great starters for what to serve your guests, but making a good bar great means paying attention to all the details. From the background music to the type of lighting used, each aspect of your bar is like an essential ingredient used to build a specialty cocktail. Behind the bar, the bartender works best when everything is at arm's reach, minimizing the time it takes to reach for a glass, make a drink, pull a beer and wait on the next customer.

Kitchen & Smallwares

Kitchen Smallwares Pots, Pans, Skillet,

The heart and soul of every restaurant resides in the kitchen. From prep to storage and all points in-between, the kitchen is the life force of every dining establishment. Creative culinary gadgets and modern innovations have made kitchen work easier and given way to  new methods of cooking and serving. A well-stocked kitchen isn't just about the food, the manner in which the meal is prepared and served is as important as the ingredients used in every recipe.

Counter Equipment

Counter Equipment, Meat slicer

Sizzling steaks, charbroiled chicken breasts, piping hot pizzas and plump, delicious hot dogs are just a few favorite foods cooked to perfection with countertop equipment. From prep to cookline, counter equipment provides flexibility and saves the user time and labor while offering consistency in recipes and portions. Compact in size, but powerful in production, these virtual workhorses perform precision work in a fraction of the space that it takes for full size restaurant equipment.

Storage & Transport

Storage Shelving & Transport Cart

Every foodservice establishment depends on storage and transport equipment. From the receiving dock to the cooler and the kitchen to the dining room, carts and cabinets do the heavy work of transporting food from one area to another. Hot cabinets allow you to navigate over long distances ensuring optimum temperatures from transport to delivery. Storage too, is a vital part of every foodservice business. Shelving, dunnage racks and ingredient bins store food safely and sanitary, keeping your most popular items within easy reach.

Sinks & Warewashing

Dishmachine with Table

In the foodservice industry, warewashing is almost as important as cooking. That's why having an adequate number of sinks, dish machines, warewashing and drying racks is vital to keeping your operation running smoothly. Don't let soiled dishes ruin a good meal. Customers expect shiny plates, sparkling glasses and clean utensils, and as a foodservice professional, you wouldn't dream of giving them anything less. 


Janitor Cart

Discover all the labor saving ways to keep your facility clean and working smoothly from the front-of-the-house to the back. Customers secretly judge restaurants by the cleanliness of the dining rooms and the restrooms. Make sure they give your establishment the white glove of approval. Schedule regular times for scouring and sanitizing and keep a ready supply of brooms, mops, buckets and brushes for fast and easy maintenance. Refresh your entry way with a new floor mat, available in an array of colors, it's an inexpensive touch that adds safety and style.

Cooking Equipment

Cooking Equipment, Stove, Oven, Grill

A successful restaurant stakes its reputation on the meals it serves. That's why foodservice operators demand commercial quality restaurant equipment designed for high performance. A well designed and equipped kitchen provides a smooth work flow that increases production while reducing labor. Look for equipment that qualifies for the Energy Star, these units have been tested and proven to be energy efficient, saving you money on utility costs for the life of the product.  



Chill out with the latest in refrigerated equipment. From reach-ins to walk-ins to blast chillers to undercounter and back bar refrigerators, every foodservice venue depends on some type of cooler to store their food at safe temperatures. With rising food costs, any loss in inventory can hurt your bottom line. That's why it is more important than ever to acquire refrigerated equipment you can trust. Innovative solutions like LED lighting to entice impulse sales and energy efficient equipment that saves you money are just a few features that have been updated. Whether starting out new or looking to replace existing refrigeration, be sure to invest in quality commercial equipment that will benefit your establishment for many years to come. 

Foodservice Disposables


For foodservice operations of all types and sizes — including restaurants, caterers, cafeterias, break rooms, food processors and more — Makline provides the largest selection of quality products and supplies. You benefit from the efficiency, accuracy and cost savings of working with a local single-source provider that meets all your foodservice packaging and disposables needs. 

Foodservice Disposables

Take-Out Supplies

Deli container, paper trays, plastic cup and lid, portion cup

Deli / Food Trays & Lids

Deli Take-Out Containers

Portion Cups & Lids

Plastic Cutlery Kits

Food Packaging Supplies

Pizza box, Foil, Sandwich Wrap & Bags, Paper Bags

Disposable Food Boxes

Food Packaging Wrap

Disposable Bags


Eco-Friendly Hinged containers

Take-Out Containers

Food Trays

Corrugated Pizza Boxes

Food Safety

Food Labels, disposable, gloves, temperature stick

Food Labels

Gloves, Aprons & Hairnets

Disposable Food Thermometers

Bakery Supplies

Foil Pan, cake display container, cupcake wrapper, eco-friendly paper bakeware / cookware

Foil Pans & Lids

Baking Pan Liners

Wax Paper Bags

Host & Server Supplies

Guest checks, Credit card & register receipt paper roll. crayon, thermal roll, plastic bib, ribbon,

Guest Checks

Register Receipt Paper

Credit Card Paper Rolls


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